Is it possible to change the interface language?

Silvasoft is available in both Dutch and English.

Where can I change the interface language?

  1. In the top left corner you will find a globe icon,
  2. If you click on this you will be see a prompt that allows you to change the interface language,mceclip1.png
  3. Here you have a choice between Nederlands (Dutch) and International (English)
  4. Please note: support for English language is still in beta. You might encounter a few untranslated strings or wrongly translated strings. If you have feedback, please let us know! Also note that while most of the interface is translated there are still things specific to Dutch or Belgium regulations which are not translated (things like ledger names).
  5. As soon as you click Opslaan / save the system is reloaded and the new interface language is ready to be used,
  6. Optionally you can change the default interface language under Manage > My user / All users 

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